SBC2Go - Episode 4 - Will 2008 be the Year of ASPs?

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Gregory L. Lafollette
Gregory L. LaFollette CPA.CITP

Doug Sleeter
Doug Sleeter

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  • Payroll
    • Good time to evaluate payroll options for clients
    • What are the options that are top contenders?
  • Key Questions accountants should consider:
    • Who handles the payroll? Client, Accountant, or "shared duties"?
    • Use online system or desktop/lan based?
    • Does accountant want to "make money" performing payroll services as part of the business focus?
    • Does accountant want to "make money" referring payroll service solutions?
    • How often does accountant need/want access to payroll data or reports?
  • Key recommendations
    • Job Costing is good reason to use integrated payroll
    • Worker's Comp calculations and accruals is best to outsource
  • Adding a Merchant Account to QuickBooks
    • Using online Billing Solutions to improve collections
    • Integrating Web Store receipts with QB.
  • Awesome Add-on for January
    • PayCycle – Special guest -- Julie Lubetkin
  • Questions or Comments?
    • 1-800-456-0864 x2106