Tech2Go Episode 16

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Recorded March 21, 2008 Voice mail for comments: 800-456-0864 ext 2106 Microsoft acquired desktop virtualization vendor Kidaro Microsoft acquisitions Kidaro VMWare XenSource Softricity / SoftGrid Toms Hardware Microsoft Server 2008 Launch / Visual Studio 2008 / Sequel Server 2008 Hyper V ADP Calculators / ADP Forms Printers LaserJet 4 American Consumer Institute IRS Section 7216 discussion (Notes courtesy of Randy Johnston) Guest: Steven Ladd, CEO of Copanion, Inc. makers of GruntWorx The rule was put in force by the IRS on January 3, 2008 as the second link below will show. Comments to the IRS and Treasury Department are due by 4/7/2008. Foreign outsourcing is not prohibited by the final regulations, which permit the disclosure of tax return information outside of the United States if the taxpayer consents to such disclosure. However, tax preparers who outsource (1040 series returns) to foreign countries will be required to: • Obtain written consent from the tax payer in advance. • Mask social security numbers on both the tax return software and source documents. The second bullet is difficult at best in most document management systems and tax preparation software. Some interpretations of the regulation allow no SS#’s to be used overseas, and others believe that redacted information is sufficient. The key difference in the regulation historically has been whether or not the people viewing the information were employees or not. Employees were excluded before, where most interpretations of the new regulation says employees are no longer exempt.,,id=177075,00.html,,id=151368,00.html Thanks to our Sponsor: ADP ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc.