DMA2Go Workflow

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Gregory L. Lafollette Gregory L. LaFollette CPA.CITP John Higgins John Higgins CPA.CITP
DMA2Go Workflow Show Notes Episode 5 Recorded June 24, 2008 Duration: 0:39:44 38.2 MB History of workflow:
  • Ability to print to PDF file
  • Dual monitors
  • PDF annotation tools
    • PDFlyer from CCH
    • Tic, Tie & Calculate from Acct1st
    • Doc-It
  • Firms then eliminated paper files
  • Then the discovered the need for workflow
Concept of workflow
  • in analog world the floor was the inbox & the credenza the outbox, or perhaps vice-versa
  • notes were verbal
  • relied on paper routing sheets
  • Thomson Practice CS
  • Adobe Acrobat used to replicate paper routing forms
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • XCM is the only stand-alone workflow system available today