2014 Innovation Award Nominee: Tallie

2014 Innovation Award Nominee:


Tallie is truly end-to-end business software, from receipt image capture all the way through any company’s back-end system. Tallie intelligently scans, categorizes and matches receipt and credit card data, automatically generates expense reports, and seamlessly pushes data into financial accounting systems. It allows automatic and selective transaction import from multiple credit cards. To ensure data integrity, drive usage and control fraud, Tallie includes a suite of compliance (policies, groups, multi-level approval routing), internal control (duplicate identification, project accounting, general ledger mapping), and analytics tools.

Tallie’s expense management software completes a powerful paperless and highly efficient client accounting ecosystem. While Tallie virtually integrates with all accounting software systems, we are also the first and only expense report solution to offer seamless, bi-directional integration with Bill.com. This cloud-based integration features deep, real-time data synchronization in all critical expense data: account, customer, vendor, item, and class. This ensures that your expense and billing data are always up to date, no matter the system you are using.

Companies waste 40% of their time on accounts payable driven by corporate expense management. Tallie simplifies this process by offering the quickest path from receipt to balance sheet. Our software eliminates over 60% of processing time for both the front and back-end, providing time and cost savings. At its core, Tallie captures expense data from a variety of sources, minimizing the need for data entry. On a higher level, Tallie sets the standard in terms of depth of integration, ease of synchronization, and reliability of support across multiple systems.

In combination with other partners (Bill.com, SmartVault, Right Networks, BMRG, and RootWorks to name a few) Tallie completes an ecosystem of software solutions that seamlessly work together to streamline the entire expense management workflow, and better position the financial applications industry towards a model of system-to-system interoperability. These powerful partnerships work together to create a single system of record for financial data and related sources files, all beginning with the receipt.

Our team directly targets finance managers (CFOs and CEOs of smaller companies), small and mid-sized accounting firms, BPO practices, and through accounting training consultancies (BMRG, Rootworks, Boomer Consulting), affiliate networks such as the National Advisory Network (NAN), as well as through the online marketplace (Intuit, Bill.com).

"We chose Tallie as a key App Center partner for its innovative approach to the expense report nightmare, deep partner integration, and dedication to the best customer experience." - René Lacerte, CEO of Bill.com

"Tallie is a game-changer. They are setting the standard for automating expense workflow, a core requirement for Next Generation Accounting Firms™" - Darren Root, CEO of Rootworks

"We switched from Concur to Tallie because of its ease-of-use, superior customer service and effective integration with Bill.com." - David J. Arter, VP of Finance & Operations, American Dairy Association

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