2014 Innovation Award Nominee: GoFileRoom Workflow Manager

2014 Innovation Award Nominee:

GoFileRoom Workflow Manager

Thomson Reuters

A completely new workflow management system for the GoFileRoom platform, GoFileRoom Workflow Manager brings new possibilities and new efficiencies to document and workflow management for tax and accounting firms. It enables firms to create sophisticated workflow arrangements that reduce turnaround times and allow administrative employees to perform more tasks.

New workflow options include:

Rules-based workflows that automate the routing of work based on the type and complexity of each project. GoFileRoom Workflow Manager asks a series of firm-defined questions at the inception of each project and configures workflow automatically based on the answers to those questions. This enables administrative employees to perform more of the work, reduces the amount of time required to manually route and assign projects, and simplifies the setup process for many workflow projects in the firm.

A calendar with managed content that includes virtually all U.S. and international jurisdiction details, supported and automatically updated by Thomson Reuters.

The software also features streamlined navigation and user-subscribed reporting, making it easy to use GoFileRoom Workflow Manager to manage documents for internal firm operations as well as client work. Even the largest firms can now use GoFileRoom Workflow Manager for client intake, HR, sales, and more.


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