2014 Innovation Award Nominee: Exact Online Software

2014 Innovation Award Nominee:

Exact Online Software

Exact Online

Accountants are constantly looking for new ways to provide more value to their clients, grow their business and increase revenue streams. Software from business software provider Exact Online helps its accounting partners to do just that. In short, the software enables accountants to differentiate themselves and enter a market that is rapidly growing: small business manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

The software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, integrating the customers’ business processes with their financials, giving accountants working with these customers the opportunity to build or enhance a consulting practice around valuable data integration.  

This seamless integration with financial software creates new opportunities for accounting advisors to help their clients and prospects achieve greater efficiencies and profits. By arming accountants with valuable data and information about how their client’s business is performing, the software enables accountants to become even more of trusted advisors to their clients.

The software allows accountants to advise their clients on technology adoption and strategic business decisions. Specifically, the software helps accountants to provide more detailed advice to their clients in terms of End-of-life (EOL). Accountants can point out particular areas of their clients’ operations that are causing a loss (or profit).   EOL gives real-time data on key areas that affect profit, including material costs, inventory management, accuracy of quoting, etc.

Using Exact’s software, accountants are able to increase their value significantly by offering this insight.   By leveraging an easy-to-use cloud delivery model, Exact’s software streamlines and simplifies a once complex process for its accounting partners and their customers, to offer a more collaborative approach to managing a business. The software is innovative in that it enables modern manufacturing and wholesale distribution -- bridging the gap between common manufacturing and wholesale distribution tasks and traditional accounting functions. It streamlines tasks such as production and inventory management, logistics and CRM.

Ultimately, the software replaces disparate systems and manual processes, giving users and their accounting advisors a 360-degree view into operations and how the business is performing. Because the software is cloud-based, users can login from any computer, tablet or mobile device, anywhere at any time. 

As indicated by the Institute for Supply Management’s most recent report, released earlier this week, the manufacturing industry is continuing to deliver its fastest growth in three years. As this industry continues to grow, Exact’s software will help its accounting partners stand out among the rest, enabling them to gain domain expertise in manufacturing and distribution, which in turn allows for recurring margin and more billable hours. 

Exact’s accounting partners are already reaping the benefits:  “With the capabilities that Exact Online enables, from detailed job costing to inventory management and CRM, I can offer a more comprehensive solution to my customers in manufacturing,” said James Cliame, owner of Net Result.

“As an Exact partner, I am able to access new customers in a rapidly growing segment of the marketplace, and this provides an entirely new avenue to grow my business.” 

Exact’s software is the only cloud-based solution made for small business manufacturers and wholesale distributors, that integrates with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Ultimately, the software enables QuickBooks advisors and other accountants to provide more value to their existing clients while also enabling them to tap into an entirely new industry that is hungry for their services and expertise. 

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