2014 Innovation Award Nominee: BigTime IQ, from BigTime Software, Inc.

2014 Innovation Award Nominee:

BigTime IQ, from BigTime Software, Inc.

BigTime Software, Inc.

BigTime IQ, a new pro-level online time and billing tool for accountants from BigTime Software, revolutionizes practice management workflow for small- and midsized firms. Putting the features described below at the user's fingertips, BigTime IQ virtually shifts the entire practice management workflow to mobile -- making the dream of "anywhere accounting" a reality.

True to its name, IQ is the smartest time and billing app on the market today.   Key features and benefits:  Dashboard for at-a-glance analytics. IQ’s dashboard allows users, managers and business owners keep their fingers on the pulse of real-time information that drives decision-making. 

Whether it's time for the week or versus capacity, where tasks stand, or revenue trends, BigTime gives each user group the visuals to manage their day-to-day.  Customizable time and expense capture. Our flexible, easy-to-use time tracking allow companies to create their own timesheet. 

Whether it’s simply tracking jobs, hour and work types -- or if you need to include tasks, budgets, QB Class or custom fields -– BigTime can handle it. When doing payroll in QuickBooks, BigTime makes applying payroll items simple.  Easy-to-use Invoicing for billing WIP faster. Our BigTime system allows you to streamline your billing process.  Whether you are billing T&E, fixed fees, retainers or just creating an invoice on the fly, BigTime allows you create one or many invoices at a time.

Then we guide the invoice through the different phases including drafting, approving, posting (QB), sending and the most important part receiving payment.  

Manager review made easy. As a manager or approver you can easily see the time, expenses and/or invoices that require your approval before getting it the next step. The easy-to-use approval process keeps the approval process quick and painless.  

Anywhere, anytime access. Our mobile app allows you to work both hard and smart at the same time.  Use your iPhone or Android phone to enter time or expenses when you have a free moment. You can also access client or staff info while on the go.   

Reporting tailored to your specific needs.  BigTime’s reports functionality eliminates the regret most folks have when selecting a report and it is missing just that one piece of data.  Whether you are selecting a canned report or building a report from scratch, BigTime allows you to select the fields and the layout you desire. The reporting functionality gives managers and owners insights and analytics that are not available in any other product in the space. 

Share your BigTime data. BigTime’s API allows our professional service companies to choose ‘best in breed’ software to manage their business. Because you have access to all of your BigTime data, you can easily pass this info to other applications or reporting tools you already employ.

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