2014 Innovation Award Nominee: MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist

2014 Innovation Award Nominee:

MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist

MoneySoft, Inc.

MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist (BVS) helps accountants and valuation professionals streamline the process of reaching a sound conclusion of business value and effectively preparing a standards-based appraisal or valuation report.  The valuation report and business appraisal created with BVS can be used in tax matters involving the Internal Revenue Service, litigation support, business planning and mergers and acquisitions. 

The true value and potential of business valuation software is fourfold: 

  1. Increase productivity and effectiveness.
  2. Enable an accountant to properly apply valuation theory.
  3. Focus attention on the judgment calls that form a conclusion of value.
  4. Effectively communicate the value conclusion to the client and the appropriate value-authority such as the Internal Revenue Service, a Court or an administrative body. 

Valuation software that merely takes in the numbers and then cranks out a value is outdated and doesn’t serve your true needs. Valuation software should be more than a so-called “fast and easy” way to crank out a number. (Fast, easy and unsound is worthless.) 

The new MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist was created specifically for accountants and valuation practitioners who want:  -- A comprehensive business valuation software solution that doesn’t sacrifice on diligence and thoroughness. -- To navigate around the “snags” that can undermine the credibility of a business valuation. This embedded intelligence is referred to as The ValuSense Advantage™. -- To pinpoint their attention and focus on the key judgment points that form a supportable conclusion of value—instead of jockeying with spreadsheets or software that just doesn’t go the distance. 

The ValuSense Advantage is what separates Business Valuation Specialist from other valuation software alternatives. Customer feedback and research have been organized and adapted in Business Valuation Specialist to help you avoid many of the problems hidden in spreadsheets and other software. 

Business Valuation Specialist addresses the essential elements for business valuation: 

  • -- The normalization of financial statements by adjusting for discretionary expenses, non-recurring and non-operating items and GAAP adjustments.
  • -- A rigorous analysis of the financial condition and performance of the business before and after normalization adjustments. This analysis can be compared to peer-industry data (RMA Annual Statement Studies and Integra 5-Year Industry Reports).
  • -- An analysis of the future earnings and dividend-paying capacity of the business based upon either management’s projections or projections prepared by the valuator. Balance Sheets, Statements of Cash Flows and free cash flows (both levered and debt-free) are generated along with the Income Statements for up to ten years.
  • -- The appropriate application of Asset, Income and Market valuation approaches to reach a conclusion of Enterprise-Level Equity and Shareholder-Level values.
  • -- Value Non-Voting Shares at the Enterprise Equity Level by applying a premium for Voting Shares. Business Valuation Specialist will calculate the Share Price for both Classes that add up to the Total Enterprise Equity Value.
  • -- Diluted Per Share Value for both Voting and any Non-Voting is also calculated to reflect convertible preferred along with the options and warrants that would be “in-the-money” based upon the initial Per Share Value(s).

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