2014 Innovation Award Nominee: Contentverse from Computhink

2014 Innovation Award Nominee:



Computhink is a team of software experts who have created a content management system that strengthens business and provides tools that keep teams organized, confident and empowered to run a more efficient organization.  Contentverse exemplifies innovation in the field of tax and accounting and has improved efficiency, productivity and profitability in companies around the globe.    

Being in business for over 20 years has allowed the Computhink to perfect their software and support; making it adaptable and easy to use for any organization.  The team is personable, understands customer concerns and walks them through everything they need with a smile.  Contentverse has a 4.5 star rating from the CPA Practice Advisor.  They have clients on five continents and the industries served are vast.   In fact, they’re confident the software works for any industry and for businesses of all sizes.   

Many accounting firms are turning to electronic document management solutions.  Contentverse provides impeccable quality and support to their clients. The software deploys within hours, is easy to learn, and compatible with over 400 types of files.  With a reliable and secure way to organize and access documents; there’s no longer a valid purpose for a paper filing system.  Accounting requires essential documents to be on file for a specific amount of time.  These requirements can be stressful for accountants and upper management.  If an employee misplaces an important document, this mistake could lead to heavy fines, audits and in some cases, penalties that could cost the business its license. 

Contentverse replaces that worry and stress with confidence by instantly finding files in any location by searching for keywords in documents’ text.   Contentverse can automate workflows and purge documents at the required times. The software is robust and flexible, scaling from small mom & pop shops all the way up to major accounting corporations.  It works with existing systems and technology that enables documents to flow smoothly into a central database.  There are still some CPA firms that are paper-based, and they are facing regulatory laws such as Graham-Leach-Bliley, The Patriot Act and Sarbanes-Oxley.  Having to manually keep up with these requirements creates an additional burden of time and cost. 

Computhink automates these requirements providing a significant competitive advantage for paperless firms.  Contentverse not only streamlines organizations, it provides a new level of security that is vital in today’s business environment.  In the tax and accounting field, it is very important to remain in control of who can access company files.  Contentverse provides allocated permissions for users and double file encryption.  It also keeps teams connected with access to company files no matter where they are. 

This flexibility delivers happy, productive employees and a more profitable organization. In today’s fast paced business environment, companies who are embracing technology and going paperless are the ones who are taking the lead.  Many of those businesses are equipped with Contentverse.  

Here are a few of our clients: The Federal Aviation Administration, Allstate, Mitsubishi Electric, BMW Group, The YMCA and Texas A&M University.


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