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2014 Review of Small Business Accounting Systems
2014 Review of Small Business Accounting Systems
Selecting a small business accounting package is, in some ways, like purchasing a piece of home exercise equipment. The solution needs to meet your...
May Retail Sales Remain Steady
In its latest report, the National Retail Federation has calculated that May retail sales remained mostly unchanged when seasonally adjusted...
The Big Effects of Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses
A look at the unique cyber vulnerabilities that SMBs face, and how they can mitigate data breaches with an inside-out approach to information...
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Sage Mobile Sales App

Generate more sales and get paid faster with Sage Mobile Sales. This tablet app gives your sales team all the information they need to close a sale at a customer site. Quotes, orders, and payments are automatically linked to your Sage ERP system. You get real-time information from the field, while replacing paper forms and reducing the need for multi-step order processing.

New features:
Item purchase history shows your sales reps which items that their customer has purchased over the last 24 months, and how many. It also shows their year-to-date purchases next to the previous year, for at a glance trend information.
Customer Access Control. With this feature, reps are restricted to see only the customers that are assigned to them. 

Sage Mobile Sales App

Cloud9 Real Time is an Intuit Licensed Commercial Host offering a customized and privately labeled all-in-one virtual office solution. With advanced hosting solutions you can have an online portal with instant access to QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and your tax software or other applications - plus client data. On the forefront of cloud computing, Cloud9 Real Time offers QuickBooks hosting as well as custom virtual server creation. Never charging for storage, IT or maintenance, get your business on Cloud9 today!

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Cloud9 Real Time
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