Florida CPA Wins Primary Race for Mosquito Control Board

Cue the jokes about someone running for dog catcher or another little-respected local political office.

In the Florida Keys, mosquitoes are a major nuisance, and one big enough that it apparently requires local government involvement in fight against the little blood-sucking fiends. Unlike many municipal positions, however, in the Keys this race is partisan.

And that’s how Thomas McDonald, a CPA from the Florida Keys town of Tavernier, won the Republican primary for District 5 on the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board. He defeated local land surveyor Eddie Martinez of Key Largo.

According to the Florida Keys Keynoter, “McDonald got 3,272 votes (70.43 percent) while Martinez received 1,374 votes (29.57 percent). McDonald now faces Democrat Geoff Bailey on Nov. 4.”

"Tom's a budget hawk, he knows his accounting," Martinez said. "I've learned campaigning is not an easy thing, it's a labor of love. But it's definitely done by people who have the best interests of Monroe County. That's how I'll campaign in the future."

Martinez said he isn't sure what he'll run for in the future but is definitely interested in pursuing politics further.

McDonald and Martinez pushed for controlled budget spending and investing in technological innovations such as drones.


With original reporting from William Axford of the Florida Keys Keynoter, (Marathon, Fla.).