AlliantGroup Partners with American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has named alliantgroup as the organization's AIA's Exclusive Partner for Section 179D (the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction) and other corporate tax services. This new agreement expands the current scope of the firm's tax consulting services and support for AIA members.

"The AIA is dedicated to partnering with leading organizations to provide the best services to our members," said AIA President Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA. "With this guiding principle in mind, we chose alliantgroup to be the Exclusive Partner of 179D and other corporate tax services. We encourage all of our members to reach out to this organization for expertise on 179D and other corporate tax issues."

A leading tax consultant specializing in government-sponsored tax credits and incentives, alliantgroup offers a number of services for the benefit of architects and AIA members. To date, alliantgroup has identified over $125 million in tax savings for AIA members throughout the country, doing so through government-sponsored research and development tax credits, export and energy incentives.

"These underutilized and government-sponsored incentives present a valuable opportunity for architecture, construction, design and engineering firms to increase their bottom line," said Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup National Managing Director.  "Through our partnership with AIA, we can assist in furthering the education of its members across the country on the benefits of federal and state tax incentives."

For architecture firms investing in design, research, and green building or for those working offshore, the federal government offers substantial rewards in the form of valuable tax savings. With alliantgroup's guidance, one AIA member received $459,624 in federal credits for a number of design projects and many other AIA members have also seen substantial benefits from their prior work.

"Our company had done a couple of energy tax incentive studies in the past with another firm. However, those projects did not measure up to the quality of our recent alliantgroup experience," said S. Jeanne LeFever, AIA Principal from Glave & Holmes. "Having this additional value on the books frees up capital for other things and will allow our company to hire new employees, replace older equipment and possibly give additional bonuses."

By partnering, alliantgroup and the AIA are seeking to provide the greatest value possible to AIA member firms, ensuring architects are taking advantage of every opportunity afforded under the tax code.

"I am honored that AIA has selected us as their exclusive partner for tax services and look forward to what our partnership will yield in the coming years," said Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup CEO. "By introducing members to design, research, energy and export tax incentives, I am excited for the opportunity to serve AIA and the value we can provide its members."

The firm, alliantgroup (intentionally spelled with lowercase letters) has more than 15,000 business clients, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and offices across the country including New York, Boston, Chicago, Orange County, Sacramento, Indianapolis and Washington, D.C.