Wave Launches New Invoicing App

Wave, which makes a suite of small business financial tools, has launched a new app called Mobile Invoice by Wave. The app features one-tap activation of credit card processing, and no-fuss instant integration with Wave’s accounting tools, the app simplifies the entire process of getting paid for small businesses. Invoice by Wave launches today for iOS, with the Android version to follow.

Wave’s customers around the globe are already sending $5 billion a year in invoices. They’re entrepreneurs and small business owners who move fast and make every minute count: The photographer on the go, the contractor who never stops moving, the developer who’s in a different city every week. With the Invoice by Wave app, customers can now create and send those invoices right from their phones.

To get paid faster than ever, business owners can begin accepting credit cards with just one tap, compared to the piles of paperwork and weeks of waiting that make up an application for traditional merchant services.

Invoice by Wave also imparts critical information when it’s needed most. Designed to display quick snapshots of information to help business owners make decisions, the app notifies business owners when invoices are viewed, paid, or become overdue, and provides insights on income and expenses, invoices coming overdue, average days to payment and more!

Like everything Wave creates, Invoice by Wave is seamlessly integrated with Wave’s 100% free accounting software. Records are updated instantly across web and mobile platforms, saving business owners’ time and effort and ensuring accurate records with zero hassle.

“The most important thing for small business owners is to get paid. And the scarcest resource for them is time,” says Wave CEO Kirk Simpson. “Wave gets money into their pockets faster by making it easy to invoice, and even start accepting credit card payments in under a minute. And the complete integration of all our free software eliminates hours of administrative work each month.”