The Importance of CIOs in the Wireless Age

The explosion of wireless broadband networks is ushering in a new era of promise for corporations and heightening the prominence of Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and other senior corporate technology mangers, according to a new report.
The report, entitled “The Return of the CIO”, was published by wireless technology firm Netvious (, and was compiled from a compilation of primary and secondary research and in-depth customer interviews.
“The boom in consumer demand for wireless broadband and technologies and the incredible advances in the technology are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives today,” said Netvious CEO Geoff Green. “And savvy technology leaders are leading this revolution.”
The research report details how the burgeoning move to free Wi-Fi hotspots, more data restrictions on cell phones and consumer demand for ever-greater torrents of data at low or no cost have all combined to bring sweeping change to the business world.
But the trend also poses risk for those companies that are slow on the uptake. “if you are not up to speed on at least the basics of equipping your location with robust Wi-Fi capability, not only are you missing a significant business opportunity, you are flirting with potential business disaster,” Mr. Green warned.
The report outlines three strategy imperatives for business and technology leaders to take advantage of the promise of the new world of Wi-Fi:

  • Strategy Number One: To be the leader, be the teacher.  CIOs and other corporate tech leaders should take the lead on educating their companies not on the technology, but how it can be used strategically to achieve broader corporate goals.
  • Strategy Number Two: Life is better on the right side of the ledger.  Companies should find ways to make technology not just a back-office function, but a new source of customer service and revenue generation.
  • Strategy Number Three: Make the “C” in C-Suite Stand for “Connectivity”.  To stay a step ahead of the competition, corporate leaders, from the CEO on down, should build in all their planning the potential benefits of connectivity, and should make sure that the CIO/CTO has a seat at the decision-making table. 

The report was published by the consulting arm of Netvious Networks, and came out of the firm’s ongoing industry analysis.  It can be downloaded at