TIAG Hosts International Conference in Miami

Accounting thought leader Allan Koltin provided a keynote address at the International Accounting Group's (TIAG) 22nd international conference, which started on Monday and continues through May 7 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. Koltin is president and CEO of Koltin Consulting Group. 

Koltin has also been engaged by TIAG in the alliance’s North American expansion strategy, which has led to TIAG recently adding top accounting firms such as New York-based Berdon LLP, Roseville, CA-based GALLINA LLP, and Quebec-based Mallette Accountants. 

“TIAG, in combination with its sister alliances TAGLaw and TAG-SP, provides its members and their clients with a powerful combination of multidisciplinary professional services,” said Mr. Koltin. “It’s a pleasure for me to present at their conference and to also be a part of their growth strategy in North America.”

In addition to Koltin’s session, the conference features a variety of informative and educational sessions aimed at firm and practice development and various networking opportunities and group breakout sessions designed to strengthen the connections between the alliance’s member firms. Members of TIAG’s affiliate alliances, TAGLaw and TAG-SP will also be in attendance at the conference. All three alliances are collectively known as the TAG Alliances™. 

“Allan is one of the most sought-after speakers in the accounting profession. Having him keynote our Wednesday schedule is exciting for us and for our members,” said Robert Sattin, President of the TAG Alliances. “Our conferences are not only known for their world-class speakers and sessions, but also for the opportunity they provide TAG Alliances members to build and maintain strong relationships with fellow members around the world. The relationships formed and deepened at our conferences are vital for our members and their clients and allow the TAG Alliances to be ranked among the leading alliances of service firms in the world.”  

Sessions and speakers at the conference include:

  • Not Your Father’s Latin America: the Hot Spots, Lots More Cool Ones, and the Sleepers; Presenter: Ambassador (ret.) John F. Maisto
  • You are Where You are Going, Not Where You Have Been; Presenter: Benjamin Sywulka, director of innovation, IXL Center
  • The Importance of Email Security; Moderator: Richard Attisha, partner, Harper Grey LLP (Vancouver, Canada - TAGLaw)
  • Tax Planning Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals; Moderator: David Neighbors, partner, GALLINA LLP (Northern California - TIAG)
  • What Truly Makes for Great Firms, Great Partners and Great Leaders? Presenter: Allan Koltin, president & CEO, Koltin Consulting Group
  • Anatomy of a Financial Institution Failure; Moderator: James Berger, managing partner, Berger Singerman (Florida - TAGLaw)
  • Doing Business in the Cloud:  Managing the Risks and Opportunities of Modern Business in the Cloud; Moderator: Lisa Spearman, private client partner, Mercer & Hole (London England - TIAG)