Marcum Launches Health Insurance Marketplace

Businesses, groups and individuals looking for health insurance and information now have a new resource, courtesy of the accounting firm Marcum LLP. The firm's affiliate, Marcum Financial Services, which is also a member of the Marcum Group of companies, has launched the Marcum Benefits Marketplace, a one-stop resource for  health insurance delivery for groups and individuals.

Marcum is the only top national accounting firm to offer multiple private exchange platforms to help clients and others comply with the health insurance mandates of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. 

The Marcum Benefits Marketplace is designed to facilitate selection, enrollment and administration of health insurance as well as other benefits for small to middle-market businesses.  The Marcum Benefits Marketplace is geared for employers with 1000 or fewer employees.  The exchange also offers a  prescription discount program, dental insurance and travel insurance.  Additionally, members are given access to the full portfolio of financial planning and portfolio management services available from Marcum Financial Services.

“The mandate to provide  health insurance is particularly onerous, complex and costly for companies in the small and mid-market categories, as these employers are less likely to have the resources on staff to facilitate ACA compliance, ” said Steven D. Brett, President of Marcum Financial Services.  “Many employers are switching to a defined contribution approach when it comes to health insurance, and they need the technology to administer this approach.  The Marcum Benefits Marketplace is the   solution that provides employers with a centralized, easy-to-navigate resource where they can explore their options and become educated about their different choices, all from one central website. It puts all the information they could possibly need in a single location, saving them the considerable time and frustration of going it alone. ”

In addition to providing an extensive selection of health insurance products, Marcum Financial Services also provides cost-benefit analyses to help companies choose the most advantageous benefits programs, configured to their specific needs and budgets.  Companies electing group plans will receive custom branded, secure portals where employees can register become educated about their options and make their benefit selections.

For individuals and/or employees  without employer  health plans, the Marcum Benefits Exchange offers a variety of health insurance products that are competitive with the Federal and State exchange marketplaces, including medical, dental and vision plans.  Marcum also offers  counselors that are certified to determine eligibility and apply for any Federal premium tax credit or cost share subsidy that may be available to applicants.

“Given the complexity of the Health reform rules and the technology challenges presented by Federal and State-based exchanges, we recognized the need for a simplified resource to assist both companies and individuals to comply with the ACA health insurance mandate.  The Marcum Benefits Marketplace is a relief-valve for people looking for the best options based on their unique personal circumstances and requirements,” Mr. Brett said.