2014 Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey eBook Released

Three accounting firm technology influencers have joined forces to release the 2014 Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey eBook.

Randy Johnston, the chairman and CEO of Network Management Group, Inc., and Leslie Garrett, PhD, the CEO of Insight Research Group, worked in cooperation with Rick Telberg, president and CEO of CPA Trendlines, to publish the suurvey.

“Our primary goal in developing and publishing this eBook is to deliver an easily accessible reference tool accounting professionals can leverage when making operational and technology decisions,” said Johnston. The 2014 eBook provides the most complete and up-to-date information about practice management and technology U.S. accountants are using in their practices. The eBook shares factual, actionable items and insights that are not available from any other source, further broken down for the practitioner by size of firm. 

“We are pleased to be working in partnership with Randy and Leslie to publish this eBook. This product fits perfectly with CPA Trendlines as an actionable business intelligence tool,” commented Telberg.

About the eBook

The Accounting Firm Operations and Technology eBook is 180 pages in length and features 83 survey questions and overall results for each survey question presented in easy-to-understand charts and tables. The eBook also provides survey results by size of firm broken down by solo practitioners, small firms (1 to 10 employees), mid-sized firms (11 to 49 employees) and large firms (over 50 employees).

The survey sections featured in the eBook include:

  • Demographics
  • Practice Management
  • Technology Management
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Hardware
  • Application Software
  • File & Data Storage/Management
  • Remote Access/Internet/Telecommunications
  • Technology Spending/Decision-Making/Annoyances & Trends

Inside the Numbers: Summary presenting key findings for each survey section, where surprises are revealed, insight is shared and conclusions made.


·         Consultant’s Counsel: Consulting observations drawn from insights, experience, and analysis. Knowledge shared in these sections was developed by our team who has accumulated thousands of hours consulting with firms of all sizes nationwide.


·         Guest Articles: Industry thought-leadership sharing perspectives on technology and practice management as it relates to the survey results and to the profession.