CPA Practice Advisor Launches New Website with Responsive Design

With an eye on the increasingly mobile lifestyles and workstyles of professionals, CPA Practice Advisor has relaunched it's website,, using a new, multi-platform design that works quickly and efficiently across all types of computers and mobile devices.

The website also features a new design that automatically groups content types, as well as providing key areas of interest for tax and accounting professionals:

  • Accounting & Audit
  • Firm Management
  • Payroll
  • Small Business
  • Tax and Compliance

A key component of the new "responsive design" platform is that the website automatically detects the type of computer or mobile device being used and automatically resizes the screen to display an easily-readable format. It also works when changing the position of a phone or tablet (moving from portrait to landscape position).

"Practitioners are hearing from a lot of sources that they need to embrace collaborative accounting," said publisher Jim Baker. "Our new collaborative platform allows CPA Practice Advisor to better connect our readers with information that will help them better manage their firms.  The goal for CPA Practice Advisor is to create a place to do business."

Visitors will also be able to experience more content, more quickly, since the home page and core interest area pages "never end." As users scroll down the page to view additional news, reviews and articles, the page continues to build and populate additional related content, allowing them to keep browsing more easily.

The upper navigation toolbar has also been streamlined, focusing primarily on the key interest areas, as well as offering a quick link to the Product & Service Guide. Users can access search tools and a variety of features from icons that remain at the top of the screen at all times. These tools include accessing the five "channel" interest areas, as well as additional resources, such as the online and digital versions of the print magazine, the awards programs CPA Practice Advisor sponsors, an events calendar, career listings, product reviews and the App Depot.

Users can also manage their online settings, including signing up for CPA Practice Advisor's newsletters.