New Business Management and Accounting System Clears Database Clutter

NEW YORK - A new accounting software company called Formever, Inc. has announced the launch of its cloud-based flagship product, Formever business and accounting software system, which is available for free download on the company's website. The program is promoted as "incredibly easy to customize" with no programming experience necessary, so that business users can tailor the system to match their current way of doing business, and without needing third-party integrators. 

“We believe there is a lot of untapped potential for companies to gain efficiencies from customized accounting and business systems,” said Corin Gutteridge, chief executive officer of Formever.  “We want to provide the right tools for business people to do their own customization.  So we took the complications of programming out of the equation.”

Because all of the business logic is created by people within the company, the resulting systems are uniquely transparent and comprehensible, meeting the specific needs and supporting the existing processes of that business.  The simplicity of this approach helps eliminate the need for extensive training because employees will already be familiar with the business processes that the system is based on. 

“A lot of business people I’ve spoken to over the years are frustrated with their systems and their limited options,” said Lance Gutteridge, founder and chief technology officer of Formever.  “That’s what inspired me to write this software.   I realized there was a need for a more business-centric approach to computer systems.  I also saw that as computers became faster and more powerful a new data architecture was possible, so we could organize information in a new, more efficient manner.”

Formever does not rely on relational databases, instead using a new and unique method to organize the data.  This allows for what the company calls "a lean data file," which allows the system to run on a single computer, whether a PC, Mac or Linux operating system.  This frees companies from the cost of specialty hardware or infrastructure beyond an internet connection for those using the cloud service.  It also means system response time is exceptionally fast.

The software is available for free, while optional cloud services are priced per seat, per month, ranging from a single log-in at $49.95 per month to unlimited log-ins at $1,000 per month.  Cloud-based services include multi-user access, automatic updates and back-up, encryption and tech support.