Brief User Authentication Issue Affects Some Virtual Office CS Users

Oct. 29, 2013 - A server authentication issue was the cause of a few headaches last Friday, as some users of Thomson Reuters' Virtual Office CS and SaaS for CS Professional Suite had difficulty logging into their cloud-based accounting solutions.

According to Scott Fleszar, the VP of strategic marketing, the issue started around 9:20 a.m. EDT. Users that had already logged in by that time experienced no challenges, while some who attempted to log in after that time may have had difficulty.

In addition to its tax and accounting products, Thomson Reuters is one of the most respected providers of cloud solutions, both in terms of up-time and data security. The issue on Friday was not due to any security concerns, or server capacity or stability issues.  The issue centered on logging users into the online environment.

"We take any issue involving our customers seriously, and worked on this problem immediately until it was resolved," Fleszar told CPA Practice Advisor. "And we proactively communicated with our users who were affected, including messages on our phone system, notices on our website, and emails to firm administrators."

The authentication issue was fixed by mid-afternoon and Fleszar indicated that the system has been running at peak performance since.  He added that issue was fully mitigated and resulted in new systems being put in place to prevent future disruptions.   Thomson Reuters has offered the Virtual Office CS online solution for over 14 years.