Entrepreneur Coach Says Now is Best Time to Start a Small Business

PHILADELPHIA -- As the nation comes out of the economic recession, this is the best time for entrepreneurs to launch a new business or expand a current one, says Jim Palmer, author of the new book, "Stop Waiting for it to Get Easier: Create Your Dream Business Now!"

"If you're tired of the blame game and sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect time to create your dream business, I have some great news for you. The wait is over and now is the time to build your dream business and create your own economic boom," said Palmer, marketing expert, business coach, and president of No Hassle Newsletters and No Hassle Social Media.

"For many 'wantrepreneneurs' (someone wanting to start a business), now is a great time to go from paycheck to profits. And if you already own a small business but have not yet to reached your dreams and goals, then this book is also for you," said Palmer who has provided business coaching and marketing advice to hundreds of clients in nine countries.

"Stop waiting. Now is the time to join the 'stop waiting revolution' and create your own economic boom," said Palmer who presents keynote speeches to new business owners.  "Now is the time to act. There is no better time than now to act smartly but boldly, and either start your business or take your existing business to the next level."

"Like Jim, I believe that entrepreneurs are not only what makes our country great, but small business is what drives our economy and will be what ultimately lifts our fledgling economy out of the ditch," said Kevin Harrington, Chairman of As Seen on TV, Inc., and former investor Shark on ABC's Shark Tank.

This book is specifically for two groups of people. People who have long had a dream of starting a business – being an entrepreneur, controlling their own destiny but were just waiting for the right time to get started. Entrepreneurs and small business owners who've already started but have not yet reached their dreams or goals for the business. Perhaps you've yet to break the six-figure mark, or you already hit six figures but are waiting for the right time to launch phase two.

"Whether that means launching a new program, product, location, or simply implementing an aggressive marketing campaign to propel your growth and profitability forward, you're waiting for the best and, perhaps, safest time to do it," Palmer said. "You'll notice a common theme: Both are waiting for the right time to act."

"Your business should support your lifestyle, and Jim's no nonsense way of delivering this hard hitting and practical how-to information is a must read," said Stephanie Frank, best-selling author of "The Accidental Millionaire."

"'Stop Waiting' is truly an entrepreneur's business plan, containing everything you need to lay the foundations for a wildly successful business," said Adam Hommey, Host, Business Creators' Radio Show.