BMRG Advisory Program Adds Palo Alto Software as a Partner

BMRG Advisory Program has announced that Palo Alto Software, Inc. is now a Premier Sponsor. BMRG provides collaborative educational and advisory services for CPA/accounting firms, technology companies and other small and mid-sized businesses.

Palo Alto Software provides cloud-based tools that help small businesses plan and track their financial metrics. LivePlan, the company’s flagship product, helps small businesses pitch, plan and manage their companies. 200,000 small businesses worldwide have used it to procure hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.

LivePlan is incredibly exciting because it provides the opportunity for accounting firms to create their own strategic and financial plans and analyze their ongoing results,” said Jennifer Katrulya, President and CEO of BMRG. “We consider LivePlan to be one of those solutions you encounter a few times in your professional career - if you’re lucky. It can inspire businesses to undergo great change, take control of their futures and achieve amazing results.”

Starting this month, BMRG will begin using LivePlan to demonstrate how members can use it both internally and in client engagements.

“When entrepreneurs seek feedback from their accountants, they often view it as a one-time conversation,” said Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software. “LivePlan provides context and meaning for financial metrics, and allows accountants and small business advisors to continue the dialogue with their clients. By providing the most relevant information, the software elevates the conversation beyond a transactional level.”