Secure Communications Provider Ziptr to Cease Operations on September 27th

Secure communications provider Ziptr, who we covered in our April 2013 review of Client Portal Products, has notified customers that they will cease operations at noon on Friday, September 27th.   Founder and CEO Firdaus Bhathena sent a message earlier this week to users, which included the following message:

“Despite the positive response from innovators who embraced Ziptr as a way to communicate without fear of cyber threats or privacy invasion, we have simply been unable to achieve the level of user adoption and usage growth required to raise more money and continue operations. At this point we have no alternative but to shut down the Ziptr service in an orderly manner.”

Bhathena shared his pride in the Ziptr team’s accomplishments:

“While all of us wish that the outcome were different, I am also immensely proud of my team. They have stood together through thick and thin, working tirelessly to create and sell a great product. We don't have any regrets because we continue to believe in Ziptr's long-term vision, and it was a great experience for all of us. Innovation and risk-taking is what makes America great, and there is no doubt in my mind that none of us should be ashamed of having tried to make a real difference.”

Ziptr users can export their messages and any encrypted files stored on the service by following directions at A listing of other secure portal and messaging alternatives reviewed in our April 2013 digital issue is available online here. Additional alternatives are listed in our Buyer’s Guide at