New App Provides Small Business Owners with a Virtual CFO

Unleash recently announced the availability of its “Cloud CFO” solution, designed to help small business owners assess the health of their business and make better decisions faster by providing business owners with a real-time overview of the fitness of their business.

Unleash provides small businesses with the cloud resources they need to optimize their financial health and mitigate business risks – tasks normally performed by a CFO. By analyzing over 15 million tax returns, business brokerage transactions and credit agency reports in more than 700 vertical markets, Unleash gives small businesses intimate and specific knowledge about their business performance and overall health in comparison to similar businesses based on geography, size and vertical market.

“As a small business owner, you are constantly on the go and need to know how the business is doing - what are the revenues, how much do you burn through, how much cash is on-hand, and of course, what you can afford,” said Insaaf Mohideen, the CEO of Unleash. “With Unleash, business owners have access to complex data and financial analysis in an easy to understand, visual dashboard at anytime and anywhere, without the need to spend hours analyzing finance or accounting reports.”

Unleash was created by small business owners Insaaf Mohideen and Mohamed Marleen. Mohideen and Marleen have run more than 50 small businesses between them, including restaurants, franchises, VoIP providers, print shops, design consultancies and pharmacies.

“Our main focus is to help small business owners improve the areas of their business that are most at risk,” said Ahmad Ibrahim, Product Manager at Unleash. “We worked really hard to make Unleash simple, but not stupid. It’s an extremely powerful and sophisticated tool that is remarkably easy to use.”

The Unleash app is available for download from the Apple iPad App Store.