Accountants moving to the cloud for convenience and to go paperless

When it comes to online financial tools, accounting professionals overwhelmingly say that, in addition to the convenience, another key driving reason for using cloud systems is a desire to paperless. That's according to a new survey of accountants using the service. is provider of integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses.

In the survey, almost 93 percent of respondents  said they work remotely and want to go paperless. More than 63 percent of respondents identified themselves as already being mostly paperless, whereas almost 18 percent said they had already achieved a fully paperless environment. 

“This survey tells a very clear picture -- working remotely is the new normal and people want the flexibility of managing payments in the cloud,” said Doug Sleeter, Founder and President, The Sleeter Group. “Going paperless is a key driver for all these systems. Combining paperless documents with cloud-based payment solutions not only saves time, but it also saves money, improves accuracy, and increases collaboration between accountants and their clients.”

The survey questioned accountant customers from both large and small firms.  The desire to go paperless was given as the most important factor in an accounting firm’s decision to adopt as its integrated bill payment solution. A close second was time savings. Firms also liked the ability to share responsibility with clients for the payment work flows.

Respondents found that before going paperless they managed accounts payable and accounts receivable inefficiently, struggling with manual processes and paper checks. Using, they said they save time and money every month.

“The survey results prove what our accountant customers tell us every day – that their workflow is distributed, making it essential to be paperless to control all the moving pieces and people,” said René Lacerte, founder and CEO, “We are pleased to bring accountants the most sophisticated yet user-friendly integrated solution in the industry, making their job easier whether they’re working from an office or remotely. The power of being paperless is truly making a difference for accountants, and we are glad to see the accountants themselves and their clients join the ranks of the ‘No Check’ CEO movement.”

“No Check” CEOs are a cadre of business and financial leaders using game-changing technology to replace time-consuming paper processes with fast, efficient cloud-based systems everywhere in their businesses. The accountants, their staff and their clients can pay bills, send invoices and reminders, handle approvals, manage documents, and manage cash flow from anywhere at any time. And they’re not only eliminating checks – they’re eliminating paper wherever they can, throughout their organizations, resulting in great savings in time and money.