Shoeboxed Now Supports Account Sharing Across Multiple Users

Shoeboxed recently announced a new account sharing feature that will allow users to create additional logins for their account. Shoeboxed provides cloud-based receipt scanning and expense tracking solutions for small businesses.

The account sharing feature enables users to share all of their documented expenses with their accountants, business partners, spouses and other trusted individuals. Shoeboxed allows users to send in receipts through their online web clipper, free mobile apps, prepaid envelopes or email. Documents and receipts are categorized and stored in a secure online account. The software is also integrated with QuickBooks.

“My bookkeeper was floored,” said Cindy Bak, a small business owner from Anchorage, Alaska. “After I gave her access to my account so she could download data from Shoeboxed directly into my QuickBooks account, she could not stop talking about how easy it was and what a great investment Shoeboxed was for my business.”

The number of users which can be added to an account varies by plan level. The basic, Lite Plan allows for one user and 50 scans per month while the Classic Plan allows for up to two users and 150 scans. For larger accounts, Shoeboxed offers a Business Plan that permits three users and 500 scans. Their highest plan level, the Executive Plan, allows for 1000 scans per month and up to 10 users.

All Shoeboxed users receive a 30-day free trial and are can share account access starting the first day. Users enter the names and email addresses of the individuals they want to grant access and the additional users will then be able to create their own login information. The creator of the account will be able to grant and revoke account access at any time.