Another Way to be Found: Google Authorship

Another Way to be Found: Google Authorship

“Being found” by potential clients can be a challenge. How do potential clients find you? The best way is always word of mouth from your colleagues and clients who know the work you do and your areas of expertise. But, word of mouth alone does not get the job done. People need a way to validate your skills and experience and learn a little bit more about you before they pick up the phone.

Today, a website, alone, doesn’t cut it. You need to proactively seek recognition for your expertise within your own circle through social networking. This concept is not new, but Google now provides tools that increase your ability to reach potential clients beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Google Authorship is helping small- to mid-size business owners improve SEO, develop a personal brand tied to their business, improve click-throughs and increase lead generation from the Internet.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship allows writers to claim their content and enables search engines to find more content written by the same author.

It is directly tied to your Google+ account. You may have been getting invitations from friends and family to join Google+. Do it. Essentially, Google+ is another social networking tool, part LinkedIn, part Facebook and part Twitter. Even though you might think you do not need another social media application to keep up with, Google+ has unique advantages. The more people you tie to your Google+ account, the stronger your brand reach will be.

A Google+ account is based on your Google profile. According to Google, the purpose of the profile is to help shape what you see, when you search your own name. Google+ has a lot of other great features, like easy file sharing, free “hangouts” (which are like video conferences) and more.

Firms have taken the steps to tie their Google Authorship (via their Google+ Profile) to their website, get higher click-through rates and greater exposure to more of their content.

For example, the Google search engine results page for the phrase, “Michigan CPA firm for doctors” brings up Karrie Schell’s listing in Figure 1: