Major app update for web-based paperless management system

Neat, a popular maker of digital filing systems for small businesses and individuals, has released a significantly enhanced version of its mobile system. Building on the unique capabilities of Neat’s cloud-based paperless management program, the updated app enables timesaving capabilities including quick access to your important information as well as sharing, reporting and collaborating, using a mobile app.

“As reliance on mobile devices increases, consumers and small businesses are demanding comprehensive solutions that allow them to manage and access their important information anytime, anywhere,” says Jim Foster, chief executive officer of Neat.

“The launch of NeatCloud last year provided people a superior cloud-based solution for capturing, accessing, organizing, activating and sharing information from anywhere at any time. Our new feature-rich mobile app further delivers on that promise with advanced capabilities such as capturing any document, sharing any document, finding any document and creating expense reports simply using your mobile device.”

Neat customers can now easily create expense reports on-the-go utilizing receipts captured on their mobile device or stored in their NeatCloud Digital Filing System.  Neat’s OCR and parsing technology combined with NeatVerify, Neat’s mobile data verification service, ensures 100% accuracy in capturing important data for  expense reporting.

The enhanced version of Neat’s mobile app for both iOS and Android mobile devices includes many powerful capabilities such as:

  • Capture – “Scan” receipts, business cards and documents using the camera on your mobile device and immediately file them in the appropriate Neat folder.
  • Sync – Synchronize information captured with your mobile device automatically across your Neat desktop and cloud-based Digital Filing System.
  • Edit – Revise data fields and add notes to receipts, business cards and documents.
  • Search – Sort, filter and find the items and folders in your Digital Filing System based on date, keyword or item type.
  • Organize – Add, edit and move folders within your Digital Filing System remotely making it simple to quickly locate and access your information.     
  • Share & Collaborate – Share any document or folder with anyone and comment back and forth on items for easy collaboration.
  • Report – Capture receipts, create and submit expense reports using your mobile device.

The new mobile app is a part of Neat’s comprehensive Digital Filing System, which consists of Neat’s  desktop software platform; the company’s popular scanning solutions NeatDesk and NeatReceipts; and its cloud service, NeatCloud.  The Neat mobile app is included with a subscription to either of the top two NeatCloud service tiers ($14.99 or $24.99 per month).  NeatCloud subscriptions also offer customers the ability to access, share and sync the information in their Digital Filing System across all of their devices, add up to five users to a small business account, as well as access and find items saved in other cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.

A free 30-day trial of Neat’s new mobile app and access to NeatCloud is being offered at The mobile app can then be downloaded by searching for “Neat” within the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.