New Doc.It Suite 4 includes full suite of document management tools for accounting firms

May 29, 2013 – Doc.It has released Doc.It Suite 4, the powerful scalable full suite of document management products for accounting professionals. 

With Doc.It Suite 4 workflow and processes are streamlined and users will experience an expansive set of document management features including a sleek and productive Main Dashboard user interface, new Work Binders with simple workflow, Web Portal, PDF Editor, Cloud with Mobile features, and more.

Doc.It Suite 4 has been in development for 18-months and beta for the last six months.  “Doc.It Suite 4 supports the ecosystem of every firm by working seamlessly with the broad range of products accounting professionals use,” said Paul Piccini, Director of Research and Development.  Doc.ItSuite 4 will help accountants more resourcefully gather, process, store, and deliver documents which increases efficiency throughout any firm with 2 to 300 users.

“We understand a firm will deploy point solutions that meet the demands of their firm. Our software is the best-of-breed fully-integrated suite of document products that allows accounting professionals to continue to use their cornerstone software while enjoying the productivity advantage our suite provides,” continued Piccini.

Today, over 9000 accountants use Doc.It Suite to ensure every document and file are at their fingertips whenever they are needed, which drives firm-wide productivity and profitability.

“Doc.It is committed to continually evolving our product based on feedback from our customers and industry experts. I believe that Doc.It Suite 4 is evidence of this commitment,” said Brock Philp, President and CEO of Doc.It.

Doc.It Suite 4 document management products include:

  • Main Dashboard
  • Inbox
  • PDF Editor
  • Work Binders
  • Workflow
  • Cloud+Mobile
  • Archive
  • Search, Reporting, and Export Tools
  • Web Portal
  • Scan and Organize
  • Policy Manager
  • Document Publishing