An Easier Way for Small Businesses To Stay Compliant with Work Opportunity Tax Credit

With the many new employer tax laws and credits that have gone into effect over the past couple of years, there's little doubt that some small businesses are still unsure of many reporting requirements. For those considering the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), there's now an easier way to stay in compliance.

Payroll, HR and human capital management services provider ADP has announced the addition of two new capabilities to its ADP Tax Credits service, including SECURE Document Submission and Voice Signature. These new capabilities provide employers more choices in their efforts to improve the security, efficiency and ease of screening, verification and document submission required for the WOTC, accelerating the process to capture credits.

SECURE Document Submission and Voice Signature are the latest additions to an already comprehensive suite of ADP WOTC screening and delivery solutions that offer superior flexibility, including Web-in (with electronic signature), Call-in and IVR (with voice signature, fax and email form delivery) and Mail-in programs. These services help enable companies to take full advantage of available tax credits and incentives to help reduce a company’s overall tax liability. 

ADP’s new SECURE Document Submission and Voice Signature solutions offer additional methods to help companies of all sizes improve the efficiency of their WOTC administration:

  • SECURE Document Submission allows companies to upload WOTC required forms to ADP’s dedicated secure online portal to significantly help enhance the security of their WOTC documentation process. Whereas previously employers provided forms and documentation via mail, fax or email, companies can now upload those forms and supporting documentation directly to ADP’s secure, dedicated tax credit online portal.
  • Voice Signature allows employees to “sign” forms over the phone, streamlining the WOTC call-in screening and verification process by reducing the need to capture physical signatures on forms and mail, fax or email documents. This new capability provides additional flexibility for the employer and employee, allowing form completion in a single phone call. Voice Signature adds to the current signature options, which include internet-based electronic signature, “wet signature” with fax/email forms delivery or hard copy mailing.

“The WOTC employee administration process can be complicated and labor intensive, particularly when done manually or using traditional methods. The level of detail and documentation required can make it difficult for companies to submit the necessary documents within the 28-day window required by the IRS,” Jim Brown, Senior Division Vice President and General Manager, ADP Tax Credits. “By streamlining the entire process, these new capabilities make it easy for companies to efficiently capture and realize the WOTC credits they’re eligible for – all while helping to maintain compliance with new and changing regulations.”

ADP Tax Credits is one component of the recently released ADP SmartComplianceplatform. A cloud-based unified platform of outsourced services, ADP SmartCompliance helps medium and large businesses better manage employment-related tax and payment compliance. The platform helps companies save time and money by bringing together and streamlining compliance management for employment tax, tax credits, wage payments, wage garnishments, employment verification, unemployment claims and W2 management.