New financial app for small businesses: Unleash tracks business health

A new Silicon Valley-based startup called Unleash has begun rolling out their small business mobile app. Currently in a private beta phase, the full app is set to debut in the Apple App Store next month.

Unleash is a financial app created by small business owners for small business owners, that tracks their business health and delivers up-to-the minute insight into the financial health of the business in just a few clicks.

Unleash was created by small business veteran owners and is focused on financial information that a small business owner needs to make better business decisions. The app uses an algorithm that measures not only the state of the business’ finances but also provides guidance on problem areas, how the business stacks up against the competition and their industry. 

“Owning a small business does not make you a financial expert, ” said Insaaf Mohideen, co-founder and CEO of Unleash. “We are providing that extra intelligence to existing financial data with the small business owner’s unique perspective and needs taken into account. Unleash was born out of the marriage of financial expertise with real operational experience with the small business.” 

Over 70% of all small businesses last only two years and just under half make it past the five year mark according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. These results signal an acute need in the market for a financial tool that brings the right information for the small business owner to know their business’ financial health act and react to finances in real time.

Unleash works with your existing financial data in the world’s leading small business financial software, Intuit QuickBooks.  Unleash’s algorithm calculates a score, called uScore, representing the health of your business, along with suggestions of how to improve or address any issues. Unleash ingests data from your existing QuickBooks account and is up and running in just a few clicks.

Unleash is currently available to try for free as a private beta version. To request an invitation, visit or email Unleash runs on iOS and is available for use with QuickBooks Online.