Greatland Announces Strong 2012 Results, Plan to Accelerate Acquisition Efforts in 2013

Increased revenue in 2012 has Greatland Corporation planning on further accelerating its growth through strategic acquisitions during 2013.

The company, one of the leading providers of tax forms like W-2 and 1099, and related e-filing products for business, announced this month that its total revenue increased 7% to $36 million in 2012. In addition, cash provided by operations increased by more than 70% for the year.  

Greatland cited improved market share in key segments, as well as an extensive multi-platform marketing campaign, as key drivers during the year. Electronic filing products were particularly strong, posting a 34% increase compared to 2011.

Privately held, Greatland will pursue a comprehensive acquisition strategy for 2013 as part of its plan to build on its success and accelerate growth. The company started executing on this strategy with its recently announced acquisition of and from Portland, Ore.-based Express Internet

“We are pleased with our performance for 2012 and the steps we have taken to position ourselves for continued success in 2013," said Robert Nault, Greatland CEO. "We made important investments in supporting and promoting our brand and in learning more about additional market segments. Those investments will help us drive growth in the months ahead,” . 

“As the leader in the W-2 and 1099 market, we are now also working hard to identify and establish conversations with quality acquisition candidates around the country. We are taking a purposeful, but aggressive approach to this process and will be working to make sure any candidate companies are the right strategic fit, particularly in regard to product and customer mix.”

Nault also noted Greatland’s 40 years of experience serving the W-2 and 1099 marketplace, and the company’s ability to quickly add new product and service options to an acquired company’s customers.