Outright.com Releases Enhanced iPhone App

Outright.com, provider of bookkeeping and tax software for online sellers, announced the release of a new version of its iPhone app. Outright.com is an online accounting solution that integrates with Etsy, eBay, PayPal, e-commerce accounts and bank accounts.

The apps’ new features allow users to track their gas mileage and capture and save images of receipts. The new features are integrated into both the app and the Outright.com website, making it even easier for entrepreneurs to monitor and track their income and expenses.

“The world is going mobile, and America’s entrepreneurs are fast-becoming major users of mobile apps to run their businesses,” said Steven Aldrich, CEO of Outright.com. “Outright’s updated mobile app allows users to take advantage of even more features that are available to help small businesses thrive in the connected world. These new capabilities can help small business owners continue to save time, reduce expenses, increase productivity, and ultimately, focus on growing their business.”

The gas mileage feature is designed to make it easier for users to track the number of miles they travel for business. The app will track the user’s total mileage as well as the current business reimbursement rate set by the IRS. Users also have the ability to save particular routes and enter them, changing the dates as necessary.

“Gas mileage is an underutilized, but ever-relevant element of tax filings,” Aldrich said. “We hope this new feature will make it easier for small business owners to be prepared at the end of the year when they need to provide documentation, enabling them to request their deserved deductions.”

Users also have the ability to add images to any transaction in the mobile app. Images can be added from the phone’s stock camera app or from within the Outright.com app, allowing users to attach receipts and pictures of supplies to their expenses.

Both the gas mileage tracking feature and the image capture feature are designed to make it easier for business owners to produce the necessary documentation when preparing their taxes by helping them stay organized and on track throughout the year.

“By utilizing this feature, users will not only have a copy of the image on their phone, but also a backed up version saved in the cloud in their Outright account,” Aldrich explained.

“We have seen a tremendous up-tick in the number of mobile app users. Small business owners really care about being able to use their time wisely,” said Aldrich. “With the Outright app, they can use little snippets of their time in between handling business to stay on top of their finances.”