Roboform's new Start Page feature gives easier access to frequently used logins and bookmarks

The new RoboForm Start Page is now available, giving RoboForm users one-click access to their most frequently used, password protected Web pages and bookmarks.

Compatible with all major Web browsers, the RoboForm Start Page maintains the exceptional level of security RoboForm is famous for, while also saving time and making Web navigation easier for users.

The RoboForm Start Page adds even greater convenience to RoboForm, a secure password manager application. Recipient of dozens of top reviews and industry awards, RoboForm conveniently and securely simplifies the login process as well as the task of filling out online forms.

The application automatically saves multiple user identities including username and password along with name, email, street address, phone number, bank accounts, credit card numbers and other important information; once stored, RoboForm instantly furnishes and completes the data by way of a single master password—all while protecting the information from theft or loss.

“The RoboForm Start Page gives users another way to save time by quickly accessing their logins and bookmarks. We believe users should have a functional home page for their browser—and the Start Page makes that possible in the most secure way possible,” said Bill Carey, Siber Systems VP of Marketing. “What’s more, the Start Page is completely customizable to match the user’s preferences and work habits.”

After making the RoboForm Start Page the browser default home page, RoboForm automatically presents all logins and bookmarks. The information can be rearranged in any order, edited as needed and positioned on the page to suit the user’s preference.

As with RoboForm itself, all login/password information on the RoboForm Start Page is securely encrypted on the user’s computer and protected by the user’s Master Password. For RoboForm users who take advantage of RoboForm Everywhere, their Start Page information is also synced across all their computers for maximum efficiency.

RoboForm Start Page is compatible with the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome Web browsers. The feature is available to all RoboForm users at no additional cost. To begin using the Start Page, RoboForm users can opt-in during the install of RoboForm’s latest software release or select RoboForm>Options>Start Page>Make RoboForm My Start Page.

The program is offered by Siber Systems, Inc., a leading developer of software productivity tools for consumers and businesses.