Leadership change at CCH SFS, maker of ATX tax software

CCH Small Firm Services president Jeff Gramlich has resigned from the company, according to an email sent to employees on Feb. 19 by Kevin Robert, the CEO of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting. The new president is Jason Marx, previously a vide president and general manager.

ATX has long been a popular professional tax preparation system for small and mid-sized tax preparers, but this year many of these professionals have voiced frustration with the latest version of the program.

ATX is geared toward accounting and tax professionals who provide a full range of tax preparation, planning, payroll and other compliance tools for firms with one or more locations.

This year, the system underwent a significant update, including changing the platform, but many users started posting to message boards and reaching out to CPA Practice Advisor about problems with the program, including system crashes and multi-user errors, and some users reported not being able to file client returns.

The company responded in early February, stating that the changes they made to the program were led by customer requests. By February 4, they said that professionals had already successfully filed more than 1 million returns using ATX in the 5 days that filing had been open. The IRS started accepting returns this year on January 30.