CCH and Ladder Up Partner to Help Individuals Climb Towards Economic Success

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, recently announced a partnership with Ladder Up, a nonprofit organization in Chicago that offers tax, financial aid and financial literacy programs to low-income individuals and families, to help hardworking individuals. CCH provides tax, accounting and audit information, software and services to tax and accounting professionals.

Through the partnership, CCH will donate time, money and resources to local, economically challenged communities. CCH recently launched an innovative social media campaign and has offered to provide volunteer tax preparation services to individuals who are committed to working hard to help themselves.

“With the recent interactive campaign on our CCH Facebook page, we were able to educate visitors about this great organization and generate company donations each time someone shared content with their social media communities,” said Tanya Rose, CCH Director, Tax Product Management. “What’s really special about this campaign is that it was completely driven by CCH customer participation - all with the goal of supporting those trying to help build a better future for their families.”

Ladder Up has been able to generate approximately $36 in benefits to low-income clients for every $1 invested in the organization. Ladder Up currently has more than 1,000 volunteers who provide free tax and financial services to individuals and families across the greater Chicago area, helping them to secure financial resources.

“We’re very proud of our partnership with CCH and really appreciate the creative approach it took in generating financial support by spreading the word among their Facebook followers,” said Christine Cheng, Director, Ladder Up. “Being a leader in the tax and accounting industry, CCH knows how to best support tax preparers. Their desire to give back with expertise and financial resources has made a real difference for our organization and especially for the people we serve in the Chicago metropolitan area.”