Man claims sexual harassment against IRS auditor

Taxpayers sometimes find themselves in a vulnerable position when it comes to IRS audits. But an Oregon man is claiming a new twist on the dilemma.

KVAL News, the CBS television affiliate in Eugene, Oregon, has reported that city resident Vincent Burroughs has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court claiming that an IRS agent threatened him with tax penalties if he didn't have sex with her.

"She was sending me texts that she wanted to come out, give me massages because she needed to help me relax," he told KVAL News.

Although the two had never met prior to those texts and several other calls, Burroughs also said she sent him suggestive photos of herself during a two-month timeframe.

Eventually, the lawsuit alleges, the female agent came to his home and said that he could face either a 40 percent penalty if he didn't perform sexual favors, or no penalty if he did. Apparently, Burroughs did comply that evening.

The suit claims sexual harassment and intimidation for an unknown amount.