BMRG Group Advisory Program Announces Lead Sponsor

BMRG Group Advisory Program, provider of education and advisory services for CPA and technology consulting firms, today announced it has selected Insperity Financial Services as its Diamond or lead sponsor. BMRG GAP was founded by Jennifer Katrulya, CPA.CITP, CGMA, President and CEO.

As a lead sponsor, Insperity, provider of financial management products and services, will work with BMRG GAP members through a series of educational tools and resources and one-on-one communications. The sponsorship is designed to help member firms increase their clients’ employee engagement and business performance.

“Our main challenge will be to help GAP members listen to their clients for the kind of information or triggers they’ll need to hear in order to refer Insperity as a provider of viable human resources solutions, and also to think of Insperity as GAP members work to help clients improve their bottom line,” said Heath Butler, managing director of adjacent business development for Insperity. “Insperity also offers a number of stand-alone solutions that save clients time and money.”

Insperity offers several solutions that help businesses improve efficiency and revenue while growing business. The web-based solution, Insperity Reveal, automatically syncs with QuickBooks, making it easier for businesses to analyze financial information. The solution evaluates transactions and offers suggestions, helping business owners make better financial decisions.

“We are thrilled to have Insperity as our lead sponsor because we feel CPAs and accountants have not been made aware that these kinds of solutions exist - and if they are not aware of them, then they cannot provide full-service guidance and support to their clients,” said Katrulya. “We look forward to helping send the kinds of messages to BMRG GAP members that will resonate and help them succeed, not only in client retention, but in recruitment as well.”

BMRG GAP is a four-tier program, offering regular outreach to member firms in the areas of practice management, staffing and technology. BMRG GAP has plans to provide an online format similar to its live version.