Oildex Processes Record-breaking $170 Billion in Transaction Detail

Oildex recently announced it processed $170 billion in transaction detail through its smart information management platform last year. Oildex develops cloud-based smart information management solutions for the energy industry.

Oildex has made significant investments in its infrastructure, development cycle, staff and facilities. The company recently deployed the Oracle 11g database, improving its system performance. In addition, Oildex is planning to release updated versions of its ePayables and eRevenues solutions, as well as other new products. New employees were added to the executive management, software development, operations, human resources, sales and project management teams and the Denver-based corporate headquarters were recently expanded.

“Oildex has grown significantly over the past year. We are proud to deliver solutions that dramatically improve business efficiencies and operational productivity for thousands of oil and gas companies,” said Richard Slack, Oildex President and CEO. “Oildex’s investments and growth are testaments to the company’s success in developing and deploying smart data management solutions. We plan to continue to expand our presence in the market with new products - allowing oil and gas companies and their customers to more productively manage their critical business information."