Aplos Software Offers Free Accounting Software To New Nonprofits and Churches

Aplos Software, LLC has announced a program that offers nonprofits that were founded in the past 12 months a free six-month subscription to their simple nonprofit accounting software, Aplos Accounting. The free resource for new nonprofits is available at www.aplossoftware.com.

The company develops nonprofit accounting software and church accounting software that makes it simple to manage finances.

Each year the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approves the tax-exempt status of over 50,000 organizations. Designed for a non-accountant to easily accomplish true fund accounting, Aplos Accounting enables these new nonprofits to accurately manage their finances and demonstrate good stewardship to donors, boards and members, an important element when starting a nonprofit.

“When starting a nonprofit or church plant, most people have a long to-do list and a limited budget, so the last thing they want is to worry about accounting, yet it is essential for long-term success,” said Tim Goetz, CPA and Co-Founder of Aplos Software. “This free subscription to Aplos Accounting makes it possible for a church plant or nonprofit to include good fund accounting as a part of their nonprofit business plan from the beginning, so you build trust with your donors and have the time and energy to focus on your mission.”

How To Start A Nonprofit With Aplos Accounting
New nonprofits will be able to register for the nonprofit accounting software 15-day free trial at their website and use the Aplos Accounting Startup Wizard to customize their account for their unique needs in approximately 15 minutes.

Upon creating an account, call Customer Service at 1 (888) 274-1316 to request the new nonprofit free six month subscription. Once complete, the nonprofit or church will be prepared to do their accounting using the simple, online accounting software.

Aplos Accounting is designed for any small or mid-sized 501(c)3 organization, including private foundations, churches or other faith-based organizations. In addition to fund accounting, the nonprofit will be able to prepare a 2013 budget and prepare reports and contribution statements.

New nonprofits will have complete access to all available Aplos Apps include budgeting, bank reconciliation, check printing, contribution management and a people database to manage donor and vendor contact information.

In addition to Aplos Accounting, the company also offers Aplos Oversight, a free enterprise accounting software for a user to easily manage the finances of multiple nonprofits or churches that subscribe to Aplos Accounting. Aplos Software is also an authorized IRS efile provider for nonprofits including 990-n (e-Postcard) efile, 990 EZ efile and 990 Extension efile.