Thomson Reuters Hosts One Million Portals and Counting

The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters announced today that it has implemented more than one million portals for staff and clients of accounting firms.

As more firms implement client portals into their business, the implementation rate is expected to continue to climb. In recent years, client portals have become a key method of communication for firms and their clients as more firms move to the Cloud.

“More and more aspects of our business and personal lives are paperless, and many, if not most clients see paper as a relic of the past,” said Scott Fleszar, vice president of Strategic Marketing for Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters. “Electronic delivery and anytime-anywhere instantaneous access aren’t add-ons or extra perks; they’re expected parts of the client service experience. Portals are ubiquitous for banking, shopping, travel, and accounting services, and the continued increase in NetClient CS client portal adoption reflects that.”

The increase in portals can also be attributed to the NetClient CS mobile app, believes Fleszar. The app, which is the first-of-its-kind, grants clients mobile access to their information through a firm-branded user interface. The app also lets firms control which services and content clients have access too.

“The mobile app enables practitioners to bring their clients a whole new dimension of functionality while maintaining their own branding and identity,” said Fleszar. “It’s a way to collaborate and stay productive without being chained to a PC, to automate the delivery of information and build better relationships, and to provide a level of service and sophistication that wasn’t possible for small and mid-sized firms in the past.”

Thomson Reuters also has plans to provide resources to those firms that have not yet implemented portals, said Fleszar. Some of the resources include instructional videos, free web-based training courses, marketing materials and a consulting program to help firms successfully create and implement portal strategies.

The NetClient CS mobile app is available to NetClient CS users at no additional charge from the Apple App Stores or Google Play Store.