January jobs report shows increased hiring in U.S.; Mostly at small businesses

The latest jobs survey by payroll and benefits company ADP shows that January hiring by businesses in the U.S. increased over December by 192,000 jobs.

In its revised December job survey, ADP reported hiring of 185,000. The report is produced in collaboration with Moody's Analytics, and is derived from ADP's actual payroll data. It measures non-farm, private employment per month, with adjustments for seasonal variations.

ADP's job numbers show that most of the gains came from small businesses. 115,000 of the new-hires were at businesses with udner 50 employees. Of that number, 58,000 were at employers with 1-19 staff. Medium-sized businesses, which ADP describes as 50-499 employees, gained 79,000 jobs.

Large businesses didn't fare as well: Those with 500-1,000 employees added only 7,000. The largest employers, those with more than 1,000 staff, lost 9,000 jobs.

Of the new jobs, most were added in professional services positions, followed by trade, transportation and construction industries.