IRS seeks back taxes from O.J. Simpson... so does California

O.J. Simpson may be in prison, but the IRS still has him in it's sights.

With all of his other legal challenges, it may not be that important to him that he's been targeted by IRS. According to TMZ, the tax agency has filed a lien against his earnings claiming he has a debt of $17,015.99 for taxes owed in 2011. Without comment on the 99 cent part of the debt- how was O.J. liable for that tax debt in 2011, since he's been in jail since 2007?

The IRS has also had a prior lien of $179,435.07 for taxes owned between 2007 and 2010. There's that questionable income again? To add some salt, the State of California claims he owes them $318,566.04 taxes from the year 2000. Combining the claims of the IRS and California, the jailbird Juice may owe $515,017.10.

Of course, he also has some more challenging financial hurdles. While the former NCAA and NFL superpstar was aquitted of the criminal charges that he murdered his ex-wife and her boyfriend in 1995, he was later found liable for their deaths in a civil lawsuit. This resulted in a $33.5 million judgement, and garnishments against almost everything he will ever make in the future.

Getting arrested and convicted for a 2007 robbery and kidnapping charge in Las Vegas didn't help his future earning potential. In September of that year, a court ruled that Simpson  led other men in a heist to steal sports memorabilia. He was eventually sentenced to 33 years in prison, with a possible parole opportunity after serving nine years, which will be in 2016. If he serves and survives the entire sentence, he would be released in 2040, at the age of 93.

It looks like O.J. will need to hammer out a few million license plates while he serves his term in prison. I think prison labor nets a prisoner around 50 cents per hour. I'll let you do the math.