AppDirect Partners with Small Business Web to Bring Software to SMBs

AppDirect, a cloud service marketplace, recently announced it has partnered with the Small Business Web to launch the Small Business Web Directory, giving small business owners access to the software solutions they need at a lower cost. The Small Business Web is a trade association for cloud-based software for small businesses.

“At AppDirect, we believe that a company’s size should never be a barrier to its success, especially when it comes to technology,” said Daniel Saks, President and Co-CEO of AppDirect. “Through our partnership with the Small Business Web, we’re able to help small businesses find, try and buy the best applications for their companies.”

The new Small Business Web Directory will offer small businesses access to almost 200 solutions in a range of categories, such as accounting, human resources and marketing. The directory also uses open APIs, creating seamless integration for developers and easier functionality for end users. Developers only have to integrate their applications once and they are automatically available in marketplaces worldwide. Products can also be bundled together, making it easier for end users to select the products they need.

“AppDirect not only provides an open platform that makes applications easier to find and manage, but the company also shares our core values and commitment to small businesses,” added Pamela O’Hara, Chair of the Small Business Web and CEO of Batchbook. “With AppDirect, we've been able to grow the number of applications we offer from just five to almost 200. We're very proud of that progress, and we look forward to even more growth in the future.”

“Great applications make great application marketplaces, which is why helping developers succeed is so important to us,” said Saks. “For developers, the Small Business Web Directory presents a great opportunity to help them stand out from the competition and reach millions of potential customers around the globe.”