CCH Releases Updated Version of Global Integrator

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, recently released a new version of its tax solution, Global Integrator. Global Integrator is part of the CCH Integrator suite and now features several enhancements designed for improving accuracy and efficiency in tax reporting. CCH provides tax, accounting and audit information, software and services.

“Updated enhancements provide significant benefits for domestic and global organizations - dramatically improving tax controls while streamlining complex and repetitive tax reporting and compliance activities,” said Jim Edwards, CCH Director, Corporate Reporting Solutions.

Global Integrator 7.1 features several enhancements including streamlined group tax reporting, enhanced audit trail reporting and standardized local tax return preparation. The updated software automatically calculates multi-level aggregated computations and currency conversions. Preparers, reviewers and auditors now have access to every change made to compliance and reporting data during the preparation and sign-off processes. In addition, the local tax returns prepared in Global Integrator can now be connected with compliance tools used in other countries.

Other features include an improved user interface; dashboard reporting on global, regional, country and entity levels; bulk operations; currency conversions; and the ability to configure customized user schedule to collect, calculate and report data according to the set requirements. Users also can reconcile current period movements on deferred accounts and compute several calculations in bulk. The updated Global Integrator also features a new tax rate schedule with state and Canadian provincial tax expense and benefit details.

“We’re seeing organizations face increasing scrutiny from revenue authorities around the world while also having to reduce compliance costs through staff reductions and improved operational efficiency,” said Edwards. “The newly enhanced Global Integrator is a superb platform to support those challenges - improving the management of global tax risk, compliance and reporting.”

The Global Integrator software is also now fully compliant with Microsoft Windows 2008 cloud-based and database servers.