Red Wing Software Announces Employee Tracking Tool

Red Wing Software recently announced it has created a new report to help employers track employee status for compliance with the upcoming Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Act requires that employers with 50 or more full-time employees offer health coverage for those full-time employees. Red Wing Software, Inc. provides management software, as well as training, on-site installation and implementation of its software.

The report, which will be included in the CenterPoint Payroll Software, will help employers determine employee status when the PPACA requirement becomes effective in 2014. Employers need to track employee hours and status in 2013 because they will use that data to determine eligibility in 2014. According to the PPACA, 30 hours or more is considered full-time. Employers will need to be able to determine an employee’s average weekly hours. The new report for CenterPoint Payroll Software will make it simpler for employers to track and report employees’ hours.

Red Wing Software is releasing the reporting tool to CenterPoint Payroll Software users in 2013.