MISys Releases Easy Purchasing for QuickBooks

Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. recently announced the release of its MISys Easy Purchasing software for QuickBooks, designed to automate the purchase order process in QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise. MISys publishes MISys Manufacturing software.

“This is a great add-on to QuickBooks, as it has better functionality for automating and creating purchase orders within QuickBooks,” said Charlie Kimbell, VP of Sales and Marketing, MISys. “The software is inexpensive but packs a lot of punch, doing complex calculations that would otherwise take an incredible amount of time.”

MISys Easy Purchasing uses QuickBooks data from sales orders for finished goods to recommend quantities for purchase orders. Designed for both distributors and manufacturers, Easy Purchasing is intended to help businesses only order the amount of supplies they need when they need them.

“The intent is to help businesses save time and save money by showing them exactly what they need to buy to fulfill sales orders based either on order dates or ship dates,” said David Brown, MISys CEO. “By recommending a specific quantity to purchase, which you can edit, by the way, MISys takes the guesswork out of how much you need to order.  Running Easy Purchasing takes less than five minutes, saving an incredible amount of time and adds a lot of value to QuickBooks.”

MISys Easy Purchasing is available via subscription for $20 per month following a free 30-day trial.