SmartVault Client Portal Gets Major Enhancements

SmartVault recently released an updated version of its client portal to enhance the way users view and share files. SmartVault provides cloud-based management document solutions to accounting and business professionals.

New features of the client portal allow users to view and share files right from the portal without having to download any files. The biggest enhancement, “view in browser” functionality, lets professionals view documents in a browser of their choice without having to first download the file. This features is available for all SmartVault plans and provided free of charge to all existing SmartVault users. The client portal is compatible with Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, Outlook email messages and numerous graphic file formats.

“We have a commitment to our customers to continually make SmartVault faster, more convenient, and more secure for our users,” stated Eric Pulaski, founder and CEO of SmartVault. “Now our customers can work faster and smarter in the client portal, because they don’t have to download their files and wait for an application to load just to see the files they need. Plus, customers have an extra level of security in managing their files, as they don’t have to remember to go back and delete files they’ve downloaded to their computer - this is especially important for customers that frequently share files with confidential information.”