Thomson Reuters Announces NetClient CS Mobile App at SYNERGY Conference

Thomson Reuters released the new NetClient CS mobile app as a free download, Jon Baron, Managing Director, Professional, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters, announced during his opening keynote speech at the 2012 SYNERGY Users’ Conference. Baron kicked off the conference outlining the company’s vision and outlining the importance and impact of digitalization on the tax and accounting profession.

“Digitalization is no longer an option for the tax and accounting profession. It’s a necessity,” Baron said. “This is a ground-up, consumer-driven shift, and it’s happening faster than anything we’ve ever seen previously. Consumers’ adoption of technology devices, their expectation of instantaneous connectivity and information, and their dramatic departure from the use of paper are fundamentally changing the client service dynamic. Every firm needs to look closely at its methods for providing documents and information to clients and ask whether they’re relevant in the new environment.”

The NetClient CS mobile app joins other mobile apps available to CS Professional Suite users: Mobile CS, myPay Solutions and ARNE. The app is designed to be an extension of the NetClient CS portals, offering clients access to services and content while on the go. The mobile app, which is branded with the firm’s name and logo, provides clients with access to tax returns, financial statements, online accounting and payroll services and payroll data. The built-in task center allows the firm to send client alerts and connect with clients using their mobile devices. The app is available on iOS and Android operating systems.

In his keynote address, Baron also highlighted how mobile technology is changing the way professionals do business and their customers expectations. He also shared how Thomson Reuters is aimed at helping professionals leverage the technology available to them and take advantage of the opportunities that now exist.

“Just last year we were talking about how mobile would enhance tax and accounting workflow,” Baron said. “Now it’s shaping many aspects of firm workflow and changing how accounting firms communicate with and serve clients. It’s going to create new opportunities, new efficiencies, and new ways to add value for firms that are poised to take advantage. Thomson Reuters is committed to mobile and cloud technologies and to providing our customers with the tools they need to thrive. The old saying “business as usual” has no relevance in today’s continuously evolving business environment. Being progressive and agile is the only sustainable strategy for success.”

Baron also announced several enhancements to Thomson Reuters’ software. Enhancements include updates to NetClient CS portals, Workpapers CS and Accounting CS. NetClient CS features a new navigational structure and user interface. Users of Workpapers CS will notice new PDF annotation capabilities and tools. Users can import PDF images from mobile devices and add tickmarks, stamps, text and new trial balance tie-in features. Enhancements to Accounting CS include accounts receivable and transaction spreadsheet import capabilities and integration with ToolBox CS and TimeValue Software’s TValue. Users can also customize batch payroll data entry.

Other keynote speakers scheduled throughout the conference include Gale Crosley, CPA, consultant and profession expert and Connie Podesta, motivational speaker, author, media personality and comedienne.