Financial & Accounting Pros Feeling More Secure in Their Jobs

A new survey of financial and accounting professionals shows that they feel more secure in their jobs compared with a survey earlier this year, and that they rate job security higher than other professional fields.

The Mergis Group's Finance and Accounting Employee Confidence Index showed that 74 percent are confident they won't lose their jobs in the next year. This compares to 73 percent who said the same thing in the first quarter of 2012. Additionally, 59 percent stated they didn't have an intention of changing jobs in the next year.

The professionals were also asked about their confidence in their current employer's prospects, with 60 percent believing in the longevity of their firms or businesses. About 15 percent expressed low confidence in their employers.

“This is the first time since March that we have seen the financial services sector add jobs and we believe the outlook is bright for our industry," said Ursula Williams, executive vice president of Randstad Finance & Accounting. Randstad is a global HR services provider and the second largest staffing otanization in the world.

"This job creation and demand mirrors what we are seeing with our customers.” More companies are starting to feel secure and able to make additional hires. We continue to see demand for jobs in finance, as well as an uptick in hiring for financial analysts.”

While this sounds like good news for accounting and financial professionals, the struggling overall job market and economy were reflected in other views. More than 40 percent of the respondents said they were uncertain if they'd be able to quickly find a comparable job if they were let go.

Likewise, 38 percent of those surveyed see the economy as weakening, an increase of 17 percent over the survey from earlier this year, while 31 percent stated it was staying the same and an identical 31 percent saw the economy strengthening.